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Smoke your food with Legua +Smoke and let the smoke’s magic to the rest. Give a master’s touch to your dishes.

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The ORANGE TREE +smoke’s smoke is thick and offers some tones of characteristic liquorish.

Perfect combination with: chicken, poultry, pork, fish, molluscs,seafood and all kinds of vegetables.

Advice: you can add spices, liquors, lemon, Rosemary or garlic to boost its flavour.

Directions of use: It can be used in a chef's Aladdin or in sawdust smoker. The food that is going to be smoked is arranged, allowing enough space for the smoke to flow in and out, thus impregnating it. Light the +SMOKE sawdust and let the smoke do its magic for the necessary time depending on the type and amount of food.

In the following video you will find a unique recipe to make this product your best ally in gourmet kitchen

999 Items