New products

Loose holm oak firewood pallet that produces a short bluish flame and provides a characteristic exquisite aroma.

Loose oak firewood pallet that produces a very lively fire with a lot of flames.

Loose olive firewood pallet with a delicious, Mediterranean characteristic aroma.


Instant smoker

Paraguayan charcoal from the best white Quebracho wood.


Special firewood for paellas

Fast burning firewood, ideal for paellas.

Oak firewood of high density for an unbeatable calorific performance.

Special for BBQs and heating.

Excellent Quebracho wood, ideal for homes for their durability.

Pine tree sawdust bag 6kg


32 pills made of the mixture of wood chips and paraffin.

Dry wood oak high performance and high calorific value. 

Comfortable pack which is easy to carry and easy to store.